Saturday, December 15, 2012

Using Wonderopolis to Help Teach Main Idea

Wonderopolis has some great holiday seasonal Wonders to read and share with students and families. One of those Wonders I shared this week with my students was #82 Do Reindeer Live Outside the North Pole?. We used the Wonder to practice determining the main idea and supporting details of nonfiction/informational text. Main idea is included in the K-5 band of Informational Text in the Common Core State Standards. Wonderopolis is a great way to teach, model and practice using the main idea standard.
After reading the Wonder, we decided as a class what the main idea of the Wonder was. Each student then got a blank piece of white paper and created their own "main idea" map. As a class we reread through the Wonder and underlined supporting details and added those to the map. Using the Wonder was a great way to review and practice main idea and supporting details when reading an informational text.
Below are some additional Wonders you may want to use when working with main idea and supporting details in your classroom or at home:

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