Thursday, February 28, 2013

March Wonderopolis #WonderChat

"Be curious always!  For Knowledge will not acquire you; you must acquire it." -Sudie Back

The monthly Wonderopolis #WonderChat is back for March.  The hour long chat will be held this Monday, March 4th from 8-9pm EST.  We will be discussing using Wonderopolis and wondering to help guide, encourage, engage and inspire inquiry and research.  Please plan on joining in the discussion on Monday night to share what you are doing to engage your students in inquiry and research!  Be sure to check out the 2012-2013 #WonderChat schedule.

My students have been working on research and creating their own Wonders in our 2nd grade class.  Below is an example of a Wonder that a student created.  We used Wonderopolis as a mentor text and to help guide our format when publishing on our class website.
Why are snakes legless? by Sam

Have you ever wondered?
  • Why are snakes legless?
  • Why do snakes have forked tongues?
  • How long do two-headed snakes live?
Did you know?
Did you know that snakes used to have arms and legs.  They couldn't move that fast, so over time they lost their legs and arms so they could move faster.

You might be surprised to learn that some two-headed snakes have been know to live up to twenty years.

You might be interested to know snakes don't have ordinary tongues.  They see using something inside their mouth.

Wonder Words 

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  1. Wow, Barbara! I absolutely love this idea. Having students inquire and create has been a goal for me this year. I think I will give this a try after our Spring Break!
    Hope you and your family are well,
    Robyn Thiessen

    PS I am looking forward to Monday's chat!