Wednesday, August 14, 2013

How Will You 'Make Your Mark' This Year?

I will be reading Peter Reynolds book, The Dot to my 2nd graders on Monday, the first day of school.  In case you are not familiar with the book, the underlying theme of the book is 'make your mark.'  We will be spending time talking about how we can use our gifts and talents to 'make our mark' in 2nd grade.

While preparing for the start of school next week, I began thinking about the theme of this book and how I can use my gifts to 'make my mark' with students, parents and colleagues this year.  I found myself asking questions like, what can I do to let students, parents and colleagues know that I care, what can I do to be the teacher that makes the difference, and what's holding me back from 'making my mark'?

How will you 'make your mark' this year?  What gifts and talents will you be using to 'make your mark'? How will you encourage your students to use their gifts to 'make their mark'?

"I am optimistic about a future where all children are encouraged to navigate their true potential.  We have to be creative in the ways we read all learners -- to help them find their voice, be brave about expressing it, and be inspired to use their gifts to 'make their mark.'" --Peter H. Reynolds

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  1. Barbara,
    Your post is a great reminder of the "pre-flective" (made up word I think) thinking teachers should do at the beginning of the year! I love that you connected your thinking to The Dot! Have a great year!