Thursday, May 1, 2014

Wonders for May

Here are some Wonders from Wonderopolis you may want to to share during the month of May.

May 1st - Mother Goose Day
#210 Who Was Mother Goose?

May 5th - Cinco De Mayo
#214 Do People In Mexico Celebrate Cinco De Mayo?

May 6th - National Teachers Day
#212 How Do Teachers Get To Be So Smart?

May 10th - National Train Day
#333 Do All Trains Run Aboveground?
#721 What Is the Fastest Train?

May 11th - Mother's Day
#217 Do Moms Have Eyes In the Backs of Their Heads?
#588 How Many Ways Can You Say Mom?

May 12th - Limerick Day
#221 What Is a Limerick?

May 16th - Endangered Species Day
#152 How Does a Species Become Endangered?

May 18th - Museum Day
#1091 What Can You Find in a Museum?

May 25th - Indianapolis 500
#238 What Is Pole Position?

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