Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Connection to Today's Wonder: "Do All Animals Leave Tracks?"

When I shared today's wonder at, "Do All Animals Leave Tracks?" with my students, I immediately thought of this picture hanging above my desk and shared my connection with my students.  It is always an exciting time when we can share our own connections with the "wonders" in my classroom.  I love hearing the students' connection and occasionally, like today, I will share my own connection.
The picture is of my own two children on a wonderful snow day a few years ago.  We are fortunate to have woods behind our house with lots of wildlife.  On this particular snow day we were back by the woods trying to find animal tracks.  Not only were we spending time together wondering and exploring, but we were building memories as a family.  While all the tracks you see in the snow were made by us and we didn't find any animal tracks, we had the best time looking.
Below are some more pictures from our snow day off.  The day included many activities suggested in Wonder #463 "What's the Best Thing to do on a Snow Day?"’s-the-best-thing-to-do-on-a-snow-day/.

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