Friday, February 17, 2012

Our Random Acts of Kindness from (Wonder #502) Pay it Forward

The Wonder today was How Can You Pay It Forward?.  None of my students had ever heard of it.  Many thought it had to do with paying for something or paying ahead of time.  Before even beginning to discuss what Pay it Forward meant, we had to discuss what a Random Act of Kindness meant.  We also learned that February 17th is Random Act of Kindness Day.

While we were having our discussion about paying it forward, one little girl made the connection to Why Do Hermit Crabs Live In Borrowed Shells?  I was explaining that if I do a random act of kindness and then that person passes it on and they pass it on many, many people can be affected.  She raised her hand and said, "It's kind of like the hermit crabs who line up and give each other their shells."  I thought this was pretty insightful on her part.

After our discussion while we began Reading Workshop, I gave the students the opportunity to write down a random act of kindness that they could do this weekend at home.  This was an optional activity, so not all of my student chose to participate.  See the Smilebox below for those that did choose to participate.

Later when we were coming in from recess two boys in my class ran to the front of the line and said they would hold the door.  I asked them to make sure and wait on another student who left his lunch box out on the playground.  As they were entering the cafeteria I said, "Thank you for holding the door and waiting for Caleb."  The one boy said, "no thank you needed, just pay it forward!"  Now I need to figure out three acts of kindness to pay forward this weekend.  I encourage you to think of an act of kindness that you can give or show someone over the weekend too!
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