Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Using Wonder Journals on a Field Trip

As part of our class field trip to the Boonshoft Museum in Dayton, Ohio I made small individual Wonder Journals for each student to take with them.  In addition, each student group chose a Wonder out of our class Wonder Jar to explore at the museum.  Read below to find out more about both.

Wonder Journals
I cut regular copy paper into fourths and stapled six sheets together.  I passed out the journals the day before the field trip for the students decorate their cover and come up with the page headings inside.  I gave little guidance other than to tell the students I wanted them to leave the first page blank for their group Wonder.  After we looked at the website for the museum, I encouraged them to write some Wonders they had for the trip. Today during the field trip, I was excited to see so many students with their journals open writing.  Below are a few examples of what students did before, during and after the field trip with their journals

Field Trip Wonders
The museum sent us a scavenger hunt for the students.  I used the scavenger hunt and the museum website to make up Wonders for each group to explore while on the trip.  Before leaving for the field trip, I had a member from each group pick out their group's Wonder from the Wonder Jar.  By giving each group a Wonder, students had something to focus on and encouraged them to not only look at the exhibits, but read, wonder and learn more.  In addition, it gave us something educational to do when we got back from the trip.  Students shared their group Wonder and what they learned.

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  1. Love the ways you helped students connect wonders with things that happen in life ... like a museum trip!