Friday, April 13, 2012

Wondering about Hummingbirds

This week in 2nd grade, we did lots of wondering and learning at Wonderopolis.

On Tuesday, we learned about why and how foods are graded with #555 Does Your Food Make the Grade?  At the bottom of the Wonder the clue for Wednesday's Wonder was, "Fly back to Wonderopolis tomorrow for a Wonder of the Day that will have you humming a new tune!"  After reading this, Max yelled out, "I know it's going to be about hummingbirds."  The students then shared their wondering about hummingbirds.  My students love to see their comments published and what kind of positive response Wonderopolis will give us so, I typed their wondering in the comment section.  Along with sharing our wondering, we talked about whether the word hummingbird is a compound word or not (hence why it is both ways in the comment below--what a great little review of what a compound word is).  On Wednesday, we found out that our prediction was right, the Wonder of the Day was,  #556 Do Hummingbirds Really Hum?.  Many of our wonders were also answered in the Wonder of the Day, which is always exciting.

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