Friday, May 11, 2012

A Mother's Day Poet-Tea

For Mother's Day this year, we decided to have a "Poet-Tea."  We spent most of March and all of April writing our own poetry.  We also spent all year reading and talking about different kinds of poetry.  It only seemed natural to share some of our wonderful poetry with our moms.

In preparation for the celebration another teacher and I went to thrift stores to purchase cups and saucers to plant flowers in for a gift for the moms. The day the students planted their flowers, I was surprised at how excited they got to pick a thrift store cup and saucer.

Students were so excited to have their mom in to share poetry with.  As we were putting out the cookies and getting ready, students were joking Wonder of the Day #585 Have You Ever Been Caught Red-Handed?  Several students questioned whether anyone in our class would get caught red-handed taking our cookies before our moms arrived.

After the poetry readings, I shared with both moms and students my end of the year movie.  It was a wonderful way to celebrate not only my student's writing, but also how important their moms are.

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