Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Engaging Children Over the Summer - WONDERful Websites

Last week I wrote a post, Using Wonder to Engage Children Over the Summer and Monday hosted #WonderChat on Twitter about engaging children in wonder over the summer months.  During the chat I shared many websites and ideas that would not only be helpful in engaging children of all ages in Wonder, but would engage them in a fun, interactive and educational way.  Below are some great websites and links.  All summer activities are from  EDSITEment!ARTSEDGEreadwritethinkScienceNetLinks and Wonderopolis.

Reading and Writing 
Tackle the Summer Reading List Together (Grades 4-8)

Write Summer Alphabet Books (Grades K-2)

Summer Trading Cards (Grades 2-8)

Poetic Memories of Summer (Grades 2-8)

Summer Superheroes (Grades 3-8)

Follow the Word Trail: Organize a Treasure Hunt (Grades 3-8)

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  1. Hello from a fellow wonder wonk. Following you on Twitter & look forward to checking in her from time to time. Keep up the good work!