Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Mystery Skype

A while ago Mrs. Thiessen from Surrey, Canada contacted me on Twitter to see if I would be willing to do a Mystery Skype with her students.  I felt honored to be asked and was very excited to connect with her grade three students from Green Timbers Elementary School.

Mrs. Thiessen's students were well prepared and asked some great questions to figure out where I was from.  After they figured out that I live in Hamilton, Ohio (north of Cincinnati) and in one of my favorite places, the library,  I shared about being a Lead Ambassador for NCFL's Wonderopolis.  I also shared about the 2012 Wonder Year Adventure.  The students were full of WONDERS about Wonderopolis.  They asked questions such as: where is Wonderopolis, how does Wonderopolis choose the Wonders, what my favorite Wonder is and how old is Wonderopolis.  Some of their questions I answered and some I told them they would have to continue wondering about.  I shared that my favorite Wonder is #515 Why Do Giraffes Have Long Necks?  I also shared that you can tell how old Wonderopolis is by looking at what number the Wonder of the Day is.  I shared that Wonder #1 was Why Are Flamingos Pink? and that Wonderopolis is now 626 days old.  Skyping with Mrs. Thiessen's students was a wonderful way to spend a Wednesday afternoon!

Mrs. Thiessen blogged about the Mystery Skype and her students also blogged about the Mystery Skype on their class blog.

Photos provided by Mrs. Thiessen

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  1. That is so cool! What a neat opportunity for you and those students.