Sunday, August 26, 2012

#684 Are You Talented? Our Second Wonder of the Day

I use Wonderopolis on a daily basis in my classroom.  Last week, I started on the first day of school using it with my first reading workshop mini-lesson.  On the second day of school, I used Wonder #684 Are You Talented? to help students learn about each other and begin building our classroom community, by sharing their different interests and talents.  It was informative as a teacher to learn about the different talents my students possess and interests they have.  This will be helpful as I begin matching students with books and helping them with their writing, especially those reluctant readers and writers.

Tuesday, was also the first day that I got to try out the student form I created to use with Wonderopolis.  For our first "Wonder Word" I chose the word "talented."  After having students share their many talents, they were easily able to write what they thought the word "talented" meant.  It was also an excellent opportunity for me to quickly plant the seed for root words and suffixes.

After sharing their talents with the class, I took the opportunity to show my new second graders how easy it is to leave a comment at Wonderopolis.  They were so excited to see me typing their name and talent in the comment we left.  They were even more excited to see the WONDERful response Wonderopolis left us.  One student even said, "you mean my name and talent is on the internet?"  He was in awe by just having his name and talent in the comment section.

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