Thursday, August 16, 2012

Wondering at Open House

Open House is always an exciting time!  I am always nervous, anxious and excited to meet my new second graders.  As always tonight during Open House I had a checklist of things to have my students check out in their new classroom.  They included the traditional things such as, finding their cubby and putting their supplies at their new seat.  One new addition to the checklist was for students to write a wonder they have about their new class, their new teacher (me) and their new school (they were previously at a K-1 building) and place it in our class Wonder Jar.  Next week I will pull out their wonders and answer them.  In addition to the Wonder Jar, students were encouraged to check out Wonderopolis on our class iPad.  As illustrated in the pictures, I set these things up on a little table in our class library.  By including these two additions to my Open House routine, students will be starting the year off wondering and be familiar with Wonderopolis on Monday when they come in and see it projected on our board.


  1. Hi Barbara,
    I love the Wonder Jar idea!! Could you share the label idea? What font did you use for it, I would love to start this in my room! The whole theme for my class this year will be about wonder, inquiry and passion!

  2. Love this idea! Thanks for sharing:-)