Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Wonderize It!

One of the coolest, most practical features of the new and improved Wonderopolis website is the Wonderizer.  You can customize the Wonder to meet your specific classroom needs.  Below are the steps for using 'Wonderize It!' in your classroom.

When you go to the Wonderopolis home page, there is a yellow icon below the Wonder of the Day.

Once you have clicked on the 'Wonderize It!' icon you will be taken to the 'Wonderize It!' page.  There you can choose which features you would like to have in your customized Wonder.  All you have to do is drag the icons in the drop boxes below them.  You can drop as few or as many icons as you would like.

In the screenshot below, I chose to drop the 'Ever Wonder?' questions and the photo that goes with the Wonder of the Day.  Then I clicked, 'Save & See My Changes'.

Below is the screenshot of the Wonder that I Wonderized.  I will be using the Wonderizer to customize the Wonder like this each morning when my students come in to start their day.
A few ideas for using the 'Wonderize It':
  • You could do a See, Think, Wonder with one of the pictures before going over the Wonder or studying a new concept/topic.
  • If you want student to only focus on the photo and the text in the Wonder, you could drop those two icons.
  • If you want students to use the vocabulary/Wonder Words for a specific project, you can drop that icon.
The possibilities are endless with the new feature!  I can't wait to experiment and explore all of the possible uses in my 2nd grade classroom.  Please share a comment if you have a way you are using/going to use the new 'Wonder It!' feature in your classroom.

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