Friday, March 15, 2013

New Quarter - New Wonderopolis Morning Work

I use Wonderopolis as a morning activity in my second grade classroom.  I have used two different student forms this year.  As the third quarter was coming to an end, I began thinking about changing the form that students use when reading the Wonder.  I remembered reading on Twitter about a teacher using the 3-2-1 approach with Wonderopolis.  Specifically she was using the 3-2-1 for homework and commenting.  You can see her class blog about it here.  You will have to scroll down to 1/16/13.  This led me to create my own 3-2-1 form to use in the morning while we reading over the Wonder of the Day.

While reading over the Wonder, we underline important parts or key details in each section of the Wonder.

Below are some students' 3-2-1 forms using Wonder #890 Who Was the First Person in Space?

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