Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Nominating a Wonder in Second Grade

Last Thursday morning as my second grade class came in Wonder #899 Why Do Monkeys Love Bananas? was projected up on the front board.  Avery (pictured above) excitedly came over to tell me that he had nominated the Wonder.  The excitement only continued as we visited the Wonder as a class and found that Avery was credited at the beginning of the Wonder for nominating it.

Wonderopolis does a wonderful job of making kids feel heard and validated.  They respond to comments daily on their website.  Recognizing children for nominating the Wonder of the Day is another example of how they make their audience feel special.  

If you have something you Wonder about, be sure to check the Wonderopolis website to see if it is already a Wonder of the Day.  If it isn't go here and nominate it for a future Wonder of the Day.  You might find your name at the beginning of a future Wonder.

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