Friday, July 20, 2012

Books for Camp What-A-Wonder "Creepy Crawling Critters"

This week's theme for Wonderopolis' Camp What-A-Wonder, is Creepy Crawling Critters, a.k.a bugs.  My fellow Wonder Lead, Jon Fines is the virtual camp counselor for this week's activities and events.  He has shared some wonderful post on his blog, including sharing bug books to build background knowledge.  Below are some additional books that I found at my local library to go along with this week's theme.

I Wonder Where Butterflies Go In Winter by Molly Marr
This book is organized with one question posed per two page spread about insects and then answered in more detail.  Each question and answer is complimented with illustrations.  Each page includes an "amazing but true" fact.  Some questions posed, What does it take to be an insect?, Is a caterpillar a worm?, Why do fireflies flicker? and How can a fly walk upside down?  

Bugs! Bugs! Bugs! by Bob Barner
This is a simple text all about bugs.  Insects included in the book are roly-poly bugs, ants and bees.  This would keep the attention of any toddler.

Bugs Up Close by Diane Swanson
This is a great book organized by the parts of a bug and up close actual photographs of those parts.  The text on each page tells what the body part is used for.  Also included on each page is a "buggy bit" about one of the photographs on the page.

1001 Bugs to Spot by Emma Helbrough
I like how this book gives the readers different kinds of bugs to locate in different habitats.  Some of the habitats include flower beds, rocky deserts and leafy woodlands.  The illustrations also show where in the habitat to look for the insects.

Backyard Detective Critters Up Close by Nic Bishop
Do your kids like I Spy books?  This book is for them.  On one page is a photograph (habitat) with creatures hidden throughout the picture.  On the next page is text and small photographs describing what was seen on the previous page.  What a fun way to spend a summer afternoon!  After you read the book, head out and look for some of the insects.

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