Monday, July 2, 2012

WONDERful Spooky Stories for Kids - Camp What-A-Wonder

Each week during Wonderopolis' Camp What-A-Wonder, I will be sharing kid friendly books to go along with the theme.  This week's theme is, "Spooky Stories".  The books this week range from picture books, easy readers, short stories and chapter books.  I found all of the books at my local library.  I encourage you to visit your library and check out a few for a Spook-tastic "Spooky Stories" Week!

Spooky ABC
by Eve Merriam and Lane Smith
Each letter of the alphabet is given a scary word and then a scary poem is written using that word.  

Spooky Hour
by Tony Mitton
This is a fun easy rhyming book that kids of all ages would enjoy reading with lots of spooking noises like, "clickety clack and snickety snack".

The Spooky Book
by Steve Patschke
This is a deep picture book about a by named Andrew reading a spooky book about a girl named Zo Zo reading a spooky book.  They are both reading spooky books about each other.  This is a great book for wondering and engaging children in a deep discussion.

The Spooky Eerie Night Noise
by Mona Rabun Reeves
The book is about a little girl and all the things she imagines in her backyard when she hears a spook noise.  There is quite the surprise at the end of the story as to what the noise was.  The story goes perfectly with Wonder #638 Why Do You Get Goose Bumps?.  In the middle of the story the little girl says, "I feel goose bumps on my skin.  I hear that spooky sound again!"

Octavius Bloom and the House of Doom
by Erik Brooks
This is a great story about a red headed boy named, Octavius.  He solves a mystery that all of the kids at his new school are afraid to solve.  

Don't Go Near the Water! (Easy-To-Read Spooky Tales Series)
by Veronika Martenova Charles
There are five "Don't Go" books in the series.  The series is about three boys.  Each boy tells a "scary story" and that relate to the "real scary story" in the book.  The author tells some information about where the boys' stories came from (mostly from legends and folktales).

The following three books are collections of short stories.
                Seriously Spooky Stories    Scared Witless Thirteen Eerie Tales to Tell 
              Compiled by Chris Powling        by Martha Hamilton and Mitch Weiss
Spooky Stories For a Dark and Stormy Night
Complied by Alice Low

Magic Tree House #30 Haunted Castle on Hallows Eve
by Mary Pope Osborne
In this Magic Tree House, Annie and Jack spend their Halloween going back to Camelot.

The Case of the Spooky Sleepover
by James Preller
Jigsaw's friend Ralphie thinks he has a ghost in his house.  Jigsaw is happy to take on the mystery.  They have a sleepover at Ralphie's house to solve the case.

Spooky Wolf Spiders
by Meish Goldish
What's spookier than a real life wolf spider?  The photographs in this book help show the reader many interesting facts about this type of spider.

Spooky Jokes
by Joseph Resenbloom
Kids will love sharing these spooky jokes with everyone.  They are easy to read and great for practicing fluency.

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  1. Love this list of books! I can't wait to see the new lists each week! Way to go!!!!