Saturday, July 7, 2012

Camp What-A-Wonder Read Alouds

If you are following Wonderopolis' virtual Camp What-A-Wonder, here is a list of picture books (one is a beginning chapter book) to go along with the camp/camping theme.  All of these books were found at my local library.

Camping by Nancy Hundal

The family of this book dreams of going on some wonderful vacations, but because "money is scarce" they go camping instead.  I love the description in both the illustrations and words in this book.

The Camping Trip That Changed America by Barb Rosenstock

This is a great story about how President Theodore Roosevelt went camping with naturalist John Muir.  During the camping trip John Muir tried to convince the president to help protect the land. Thus changing America by establishing the National Parks.

The Graves Family Goes Camping by Patricia Polacco

This is a funny tale about the Graves family and their camping trip.  While on the trip, they encounter a dragon who loves their Jum Jills.  They try many things to leave the dragon behind at their campsite, but it ends up following them home.

When I Go Camping with Grandma by Marion Dane Bauer

I love the connection between the grandma and girl in this story.  Anyone who has a special grandma can connect to their relationship.  I can't imagine anything more special than camping with grandma.

Stella and Roy Go Camping by Ashley Wolff

Stella and Roy spend their day looking for bear tracks.  Each time they find a track, Roy thinks it's a bear track.  Stella is quick to set him straight with her animal track book.  While they sleep, a bear does enter their camp and Roy chases it away.

When Daddy Took Us Camping by Julie Brillhart

A simple story about a dad who takes his two children camping.  At the end of the story you find out that the camping trip was actually in their own backyard.

Molly and Emmett's Camping Adventure by Marylin Hafner

This is one story in a series of Molly and Emmett books.  The story is about Molly and a cat named, Emmett who decided to camp in the backyard.  After they have brought just about everything from the house outside, it begins to rain.

Pinky and Rex Go to Camp by James Howe

A charming beginning chapter book about Pinky and Rex.  Pinky doesn't want to go to camp and writes a letter to the local newspaper advice columnist about his problem.  Kids will certainly be able to relate to Pinky's fears.

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