Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Wonder Wednesday Link-Up

Welcome to Wonder Wednesday!

Would you like to participate in the 2014 Wonder Wednesday Link-Up?  Here are some suggestions for participating:
  • Create a blog post sharing your wonders (could be a simple picture and what you wondered about it).
  • Share how you used Wonderopolis in your classroom (could be a Wonder you shared in class and what your class learned, discovered, or new wonders they had).
  • Sharing the wondering you have done in your classroom.  What are your students wondering about, what questions do they have, what new discoveries have they made?
  • Share how and what you are learning on Wonder Wednesday (pictures are always great).
  • Tweet about your wondering on Wednesday using #WonderWednesday on Twitter.
The 2014 Wonder Wednesday link-up can be either an individual, student, or classroom initiative.  I've started with a personal initiative to model for my students and will expand as the year progress.

I'm looking forward to making many WONDERful connections on Wednesdays as we share and wonder together!

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