Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Wonder Wednesday - Week 1 - The Rose Parade

Last week I began thinking about a new initiative for modeling wonder that I could do during 2014.  I encourage students to wonder, but often fail to model my own wondering and provide students with the time to sit back and wonder.  I've decided to TRY and devote some time each week thinking and reflecting on my own wondering and share it with my students.  I'm going to take a picture of something that makes me stop and wonder, and then share it here on Wednesdays for my Wonder Wednesday.  I'm also hoping to have my students join me on our class blog.

My inspiration for this week's wondering came this morning while I was watching the 125th Rose Parade.  (I took the picture below as I layed on the couch watching the parade.)

Some wonders I have about the Rose Parade:

  • How many roses are used each year during the parade?
  • Where do all of the roses come from?
  • How is the decision made for what floats and bands are accepted into the parade?
  • How long is the route for the parade?
  • On average how long is spent on each float, and how many people work on each float?
  • How many floats and bands are in the parade?

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I would love to have other bloggers and classrooms join me during 2014!

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