Thursday, March 22, 2012

Slice of Life #22

The conversation on the car ride home from my kids' voice and guitar lessons:

Ben:  Hey Betsy, why don't you get your ears pierced?
Betsy:  Why don't you get your ears pierced?
Ben:  Because it would look unprofessional when I grow up and want to get a job.
Ben: So, why won't you get your ears pierced?
Betsy:  Because I don't want needles putting holes in my ears.  Would you want needles poking holes in your ears?
Ben:  It isn't that big of a deal.
Betsy:  So, you don't think getting a needle stuck in you is a big deal?
Ben:  No!
Betsy:  Then why don't you take a needle and put a hole in your finger.

Betsy refuses to get her ears pierced.  When she was five and I suggested we get her ears pierced for her birthday, she refused and said she would do it on her next birthday.  Five years later, her ears are still not pierced and she has no plans on getting them pierced.  Everyone has tried to convince her to do so, but she refuses!  I've learned there is no convincing Betsy to do something she has her mind set against.  One day she may be ready!

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  1. Love the dialogue, so hilarious. I too was very reluctant to get my ear pierced as a little girl. I think I was at least eleven, so there is still hope!