Monday, March 26, 2012

Wonder Words - Library Mouse A Museum Adventure by Daniel Kirk

The class in front of the door we decorated with "Wonder Words" from Daniel Kirk's book.

In preparation for Daniel Kirk's visit this week at our school, each classroom  is decorating a door.  Most doors are being decorated around, "We Wonder....."  One teacher did, We Wonder where Daniel Kirk went to college?  Another class did, We Wonder what book Daniel Kirk will write next?  After reading Library Mouse A Museum Adventure, I decided we could carry over how we use Wonder Words each week with Wonderopolis to help decorate our door.  The class is familiar with choosing Wonder Words, so when we were finished reading the book, we brainstormed a list of Wonder Words.  After brainstorming the words and discussing their meaning, students put themselves into pairs.  Each pair chose a word and made a design showing the meaning of the word to display on our "Wonder Words" door display.  It was both a fun and educational way to decorate our door.

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  1. I love the library mouse books. That will be so exciting! Author visits are so great. Love the video, what an articulate little boy.
    Have fun!