Sunday, March 11, 2012

Using Wonderopolis at Home

Most of my posts about Wonderopolis are about how I use it in my classroom, but we also use it at home as a family.  Many nights as we eat dinner, I will pose the Wonder to my family.  At different times, my husband and children have already checked it out and know the Wonder.  Other times, they haven't and I will share what I learned at school from the Wonder.
For about a month now, each weekend we have been encouraging our children to research something.  One weekend they were asked to research an alternate fuel, another weekend they were asked to research a famous person and yet another they were asked to research a some sort of technology.  After they spent time researching, they then created something to share.  This weekend, I asked them to pick a Wonder and come up with a project they could share with the family.  They were both VERY excited to do this.  My daughter, Betsy has her own YouTube channel and loves making movies.  She picked Wonder #472 Do You Believe in UFOs? to focus on.  Last night she made the video below.  As she shared this video this morning, my husband and I were in awe at what a 4th grader could put together in one evening, given little direction.  Both children also created really neat board games that we played after breakfast this morning.

Betsy created a new YouTube channel so she can make more Wonder videos!

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