Friday, March 23, 2012

Slice of Life #23

Another Real Life Writing Lesson Learned from Slice 2012

I've learned that writing every day sounds much easier than it really is.  I wonder, is this how my students feel some days?  After all, I expect them to write for about 20-30 minutes almost everyday.  Could I really sit and write for that long everyday?  After completing 2/3 of the Slice, I'm not sure if I could.  I have a new found perspective on how some of my students must feel.  The importance of talking, planning and thinking about writing have been confirmed through this experience.  Throughout my writing, I've wished that I had a colleague to talk through what I am writing.  In addition, some of my best Slices have come from taking the time to plan and think before writing.  I'm not sure how I can imbed this time naturally into my second grade class room, but look forward to figuring out how to give my students the needed time to talk, plan and think before they begin their writing.  


  1. I've come to the some conclusion, writing every day is hard.(especially on a Friday with report cards not quite done) Yet on the rare occasion we don't have writing time my students say, ""I had a story I was going to write today.

  2. it is hard but isn't it nice when you are done.

  3. Each year that I gave participated, it does get a bit easier and that planning piece is part of it. Still there are days when I write blah blah blah over and over and sometimes an idea springs up and sometimes I just stop. I hope you will seek a colleague to talk to about writing.